Anne Berit Fuglestad
University of Agder (UiA),
Department of mathematics
Faculty of Engeneering and Sciences, Postboks 422,
4604 Kristiansand, Norway  

Office: Gimlemoen 25, J2013
Tel.: +47 38 14 15 38,
Fax.: +47 38 14 10 71

Norwegian version Last updated 1.10.2011
Work:  Teaching, supervision and research in mathematics education and use of ICT for teachers and with matheamtics. Research and developmental work related to mathematics, use of digital technology in mathematics teaching, classroom ersearch, teacing and teacher development.

Recent projects:

  • TBM, Teaching Better Mathematics. 2006- 2010 (Supported by the Reseach Council of Norway and a local fund: Sørlandets kompetansefond) Close collaboration with LBM Learning Better Mathematics - the schools project.
  • ICTML: ICT and mathematics learning. 2003 - 2007 a KUL-project (Knowledge Education and Learning) Supported by The Research Counlcil of Norway (NFR) Close collaboration with LCM
  • LCM Learning Communities in Mathematics, 2003 - 2007 Also supported by NFR
  • ICT competence in mathematics in secondary school
  • ICT in mathematics teacher education
  • Mathematics on the Internet, resources for teachers
  • Spreadsheet (Excel) i mathematics teaching

Planning new project: - seek new possibilities together with collagues at UiA. Mathematics for work, design of tasks, developmental research with teachers

International organisations

  • Regular attendance at PME , ICMI and CERME conferences
  • PME, member of the International Comittee 2002 - 2006
  • Member of the program comittees for PME27 Hawaii, PME30, Prague, 2006, and PME 28 in Bergen, program comittee and web.

PhD research at The University of Nottingham  1993 - 96


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